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Animal Science Fair Project Ideas

  • Do ants like cheese or sugar better?
  • What types of birdseed do birds prefer?
  • How does electricity affect fruit flies?
  • How does electricity affect fruit flies?
  • How do different types of liquids affect fruit fly growth?
  • What foods do mealyworms prefer?
  • What seeds do birds like best?
  • Do mint leaves repel ants?
  • Which travels faster a snail or a worm?
  • On which surface can a snail move faster, dirt or cement?
  • How far does a snail travel in one minute?
  • How much can a Caterpillar eat in one day?
  • What color of flowers attract hummingbirds best?
  • What colors attract moths and other insects at night?
  • Do different species of birds prefer different types of seeds?
  • Can earthworms be used to turn kitchen waste into compost?
  • What products do beef cattle provide? Which body parts are not used?
  • How do day-old domestic chicks behave?
  • At what rate do pets drink water?
  • Do mint plants repel insects?
  • Does playing music increase egg-laying in chickens? Ducks?
  • What effect does increased soil acidity have on earthworms?
  • How important are earthworms to soil formation and plant growth?
  • What kind of life can be found in one square meter of backyard soil?
  • How does a bird embryo grow in an egg?
  • Can mice distinguish color?
  • How do mealyworms respond to light?
  • How does an earthworm react to light and darkness?
  • Do different kinds of caterpillars eat different amounts of food?
  • Does temperature affect the flash rate of fireflies?
  • What is the effect of temperature on the activity of (mealyworms, crickets, etc.)?
  • Does a student's grade level affect his/her knowledge of endangered species?
  • How does earthworm population relate to soil type?


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