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  • Do ants like sugar better than cheese?
  • What types of birdseed do birds prefer?
  • How does electricity affect fruit flies?
  • How do different types of liquids affect fruit fly growth?
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  • What are the effects of temperature on viscosity of oil?
  • Compare the pH levels in the mouths of various animals and humans at different times of day.
  • What are the effects of salt and other contaminats on the rates of rusting?
  • What are the effects of salts on the freezing points of liquids?
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Medicine and Health
  • Is there a relationship between eating breakfast and school performance?
  • Does lung capacity depend on height?
  • Do different varieties of the same fruit have the same level of Vitamin C?
  • Do Different brands of orange juice have the same amount of Vitamin C?
  • Are there different amounts of iron in different breakfast cereals?
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  • Which type of nylon fishing line is the strongest?
  • Compare the efficiency/effects of various lubricants on gears.
  • Which homemade airplane design flies best?
  • What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball?
  • How does temperature change affect the elasticity of rubber?
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  • What is the percentage of water in various fruits and vegetables?
  • Does music affect plant growth?
  • Compare types of artificial light on plant growth.
  • Do different colored lights affect plant growth?
  • What are the best conditions for mushroom productions/growth?
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